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A suitcase for holidays in Kenya coasts

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22-09-2019 by redazione

What to put in the suitcase for those preparing to leave for the coast of Kenya?
Here is a small vademecum from A to Z of

ADATTATORI (ADAPTERS): In Kenya there is the British system for electrical sockets, you should equip yourself with a travel adapter for Italian plugs (with the classic input of two and the Shuko 3). Be careful if you bring a laptop, often the plug is the big one from 3 for which in Kenya it is difficult to find adapters.

BIKINI: Kenya is still a fairly puritan country, even though it is now facing the digital age and gender equality. Just think of the laws discriminating against the LGBT universe. In addition on the coast there is a good percentage of Muslims. That's why women can't perform monokinis on the beach or in the pool at all. Only two pieces in a suitcase and a whole costume!

CAPPELLO (HAT): Do not forget that at the equator the sun falls sheer on your head, choose a light and comfortable headgear that can be of help for your holiday, to be supplemented with a hat for safari or a colorful Swahili bandana to buy locally, to be alternated depending on the excursion.

DOLLARS: Even if the euro is accepted and can be changed everywhere (but be careful! Officially the change to black on the street is prohibited) it is better to bring at least the current 50 dollars for those who do not make the visa online, as well as it is advisable to put aside others: the reason is simple, the dollar is much more stable currency and for this reason it is used in parallel with the Kenyan schilling in many places, especially public.

EXTRAVIRGIN OIL: Olive oil is one of the few foods in Kenya that can not be produced and that have the worst value for money if purchased imported, so for a trip that involves the "do-it-yourself" culinary, a good bottle of oil is recommended. Also because it certainly enhances the goodness of vegetables and fish from Kenya.

FARMACI (MEDICINES): In Kenya you can find more or less all the medicines, especially the generics. There is paracetamol, aspirin, the most common painkillers and anti-inflammatories such as buscopan or brufen, you don't have to carry them with you. Apart from the specific medicines for those under treatment, it is always worth knowing the active ingredients of the medicines, so that they can be easily recovered in local pharmacies.

GRANA PADANO OR PARMIGIANO: Here is another typical Italian product that is very rare to find in Kenya, if not imported at very high prices. For an extended holiday a piece of cheese to grate, to sip when it is worth it, is one of the few foods that you should put in your suitcase.

HAPPYDENT: If you are a chewing gum employee or you like to chew "American gum" every now and then, know that in Kenya are quite unpleasant. The least worst are called Orbit, but you have to find them in individual packages, otherwise the climate makes you find them soft, moist and attached to each other. It is better to put a packet of Happydent or similar in your suitcase and once you get there keep them cool.

INTERNATIONAL: It must be the license if you intend to drive, rent a car or even a motorcycle of any size. The law of Kenya does not provide that a tourist can drive a vehicle with a driving license not valid for foreign countries.

LIBRI (BOOKS): There is no better place than Kenya and its coast, emblem of relaxation, to enjoy a good read. For those who are not regulars of books or e-books, this trip can be a happy intuition. Books enrich and are really good for the soul. How to travel. Put at least one book in your suitcase and try it!

MASK AND SNORKEL: If you love the sea and have in mind a boat trip or snorkeling in the marine parks of the Kenyan coast, you should bring a mask and snorkel from home. Not always the accessories supplied are of the necessary quality and quantity for everyone on the boat, not to mention the hygiene of a super multipurpose mouthpiece. In some excursions they are even optional and you have to pay for the rental.

NOTHING OF TOO PRECIOUS: It should always be remembered that Kenya, except for some districts of the capital Nairobi, is generally a country populated by poor people, if not just above the threshold of survival. For a stay, especially if short, it is useless as well as counterproductive to bring precious jewels, brand watches or designer clothes. On the coast of Kenya, the phenomenon of syrups is much less frequent than in certain areas of Italy, but the ostentation is certainly a call that can be made by the thief man. In a suitcase, if you can not do without it, better jewelry.

OCCHIALI DA SOLE (SUNGLASSES): It seems trivial to say, but in Kenya it is not enough to wear sunglasses, it is recommended to have good quality lenses and dark enough, because the light that there is on the coast is powerful. Just as it is better to have an enveloping frame, to prevent dust, sand and earth from getting into your eyes.

PROTEZIONE SOLARE (SOLAR PROTECTION): The sun of the equator is beautifully direct and the "total screen" of the sky radiates which is a pleasure. The mistake of many is to underestimate its power, especially when there is a nice breeze or the clouds cover it intermittently. A good protective cream is recommended at least for the first days. Out of respect for Africa and its environment, try to bring products that do not pollute, since often the substances that you spread on your skin end up in a sea populated by rare and delicate marine species.

QUALCOSA DI PESANTE (HEAVY CLOTH): Often those who are preparing for a holiday on the coast of Kenya do not think about it, but depending on the places that you attend, temperatures can also drop. Safari enthusiasts may need a golf course or sweatshirt, as well as a scarf or pashmina, and a pair of socks. But even on the beach, in the evening, when the breeze rises due to the high tide, the pleasant shiver of coolness may require additional coverage.

REPELLENT: Malaria in Kenya is an ongoing problem, especially where it is still part of the daily lives of poor people. For tourists, the advice is to forget about prophylaxis and at the most buy artemisinin-based medicines to take home. Beyond the infected ones, mosquitoes still break the boxes and products in Kenya are expensive and not always effective. A vial or stick of mosquito repellent in a suitcase is never bad.

SCARPINE O SANDALETTI (RUBBER SANDALS): One of the attractions of the Kenyan coast is the coral reef, in addition to snorkeling, you can visit it at low tide. To do this without any problems, it is better to bring the special rubber shoes or sandals that in Italy are usually used on the rocks.

T-SHIRT: Surely the short-sleeved shirt will be the most used clothing of the holiday, at least for males. Still today, carrying curious and beautiful ones, they can be exchanged for small souvenirs sold on the beach or local handicrafts. The commercial form of the barter remains one of the purest and whitest that can be seen in Africa.

UN REGALO (A GIFT): Do not forget to pack even an object, a small thought, something that comes from your heart. It can be a used garment, a garment that you no longer use but still in good condition, a wrong purchase, if not just an object taken for the occasion.
At the end of your holiday, give it to a Kenyan who you enjoyed meeting, whose smile, kindness, welcome, dignity struck you. You will undoubtedly find one and you will make him happy.  

WINE: A bottle of wine (in reality it would be a liter) is by law the maximum allowed that you can put in your suitcase with direction Kenya. In fact there is no shortage of wine in Kenya, especially South African (never too dry, however) or South American that even more than the Italian (rather expensive) one suffers a lot from intercontinental transport. A good bottle, especially if you have to celebrate something, can be there. At the limit for fans, you can add a second one purchased at the Duty Free Shop.

HANDBAG (ZAINETTO): Given the ban on the circulation of plastic bags in Kenya, it is advisable to pack one or more backpacks of light canvas (of those also on sale from Decathlon to 1 euro, for example) for any purchases, wet or damp clothing, carry things in excursions by sea or even in the savannah. At the end of the holiday you can also give them to those who certainly need them and will make good use of them.


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