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Barclays Bank will close 7 branches in Kenya

From next october, Malindi to remain open

03-07-2017 by redazione

Hard times for "old mold" banks in Kenya.
The historical Barclays Bank has decided to shut down seven of its subsidiaries in the country following a new parent company policy that has long been rumored to be selling its subsidiary Barclays Bank Africa.
The decision to downgrade to Kenya goes in that direction, after that, in South Africa, to frustrate President Zuma's economic and financial guidelines, there were problems.
The company is healthy, tends to spell out the British financial giant, and no employee will be fired.
The closure of the seven subsidiaries, five of which are in Nairobi and two in the Rift Valley (so no one on the coast, Malindi for now remains operational in its historic location on Lamu Road) will be on October.

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The justification is always the same: the old tree was sick and long-suffering, and it was necessary to break it down.
Certainly, cement-coated is also easier than suffering, in any case progress is also being made by these position cues.READ ALL THE REVIEW

Three more months to learn the ultimate fate of the troubled Imperial Bank Kenya.
The Nairobi High Court has extended by 90 days the Ammistrazione controlled by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) under the control of the insurance fund...


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A financial group with headquarters in the island of Mauritius and branches in India and other nations in Africa and the East, SBN Holdings, has submitted an offer for the Credit Institute Kenyan Fidelity Bank, which is also home to...

Good news for those who still have money stuck at Imperial Bank.
The Central Bank of Kenya has issued a statement in which it announced a third reimbursement for account holders linked to the bank Imperial Kenya more than a...


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A year ago 57,000 savers of Kenya, including nearly two thousand Italians, Malindi, Watamu, Mombasa, Diani and Nairobi, were holding their breath to await news of the possible reopening of the Imperial Bank Kenya, whose shutters were down on 14 October.READ ALL THE EDITORIAL

Malindi's "paving" continues, in order to streamline the traffic that with the development of the town increases day by day.
The laying works have been completed in these days and the entire stretch from the airport road (Malindi-Mombasa, from the...


The ribbon was officially cut yesterday at the recarpeting works on the Malindi seafront road, at...


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Mpesa and other payment services linked to the use of mobile telephony are up sharply in 2017 compared with the previous year.
According to data provided by the Kenyan Communications Authority, money sent by mobile phones and money to pay...



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KPLC apologise but they have had to switch off part of Malindi town including Coop Bank, Police Station, the whole of Lamu Road, Majengo, Ngowe Road, Kibokoni, Sabaki, Ocean Beach, Malindi Complex, Casino and adjacent customers today Thursday 6 July...