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Elder woman of Kenya passed away

Elizabeth Gathoni Koinange aged 117, was one of the world's eldest

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Elizabeth Gathoni Koinange was the oldest woman in Kenya, at least of those whose age can be ascertained with a certain approximation.
Usually, in Africa, the declared age is always less than the actual age, because it starts from the registration of the birth certificate that still today, in the remote areas of the country, takes place during the baptism or in any case after the child's first visit to a government hospital.
Thus Elizabeth, widow of one of the great district governors of the colonial and post-colonial era, Mbyu Koinange, went yesterday morning in sleep at the venerable age of 117. 
He was born in the Kiambu district in 1900.
He was also the protagonist of a BBC documentary conceived and produced by one of his grandchildren and completed last April.
"He enjoyed good health right up to the very last - said Daily Nation's relatives to the daily Daily Nation - only a few days ago he refused food, he said he was not hungry".
His name is inscribed in the guinness of primates, but his actual age has not yet been ratified, as has that of the Chilean Don Celino, the world's oldest 121-year-old man, who has lost his original identity documents.

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A 71-year-old Italian woman, Maria Laura Satta, was killed during a robbery in a private home, a very secluded villa in Kikambala, not far from Mombasa. During the robbery that occurred yesterday morning, the elderly woman, Luigi Scassellati, was also...


On Saturday, September 1 at 4 p. m. in the afternoon, Mass will be celebrated in memory of Domenico Di Giacomo, the former Casino employee and husband of Daniela Cellini, who died recently at the age of sixty.
Domenico,"Romanaccio", from...


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The mass to give a final farewell to Giovanna Soliman will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 29 at 4pm by Father Orazio in Malindi Saint Anthony Cathedral. The 47 years old italian resident died last week due to a combination of antidepressant...


by Roberto Freschi

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The Malindi Safaricom change the headquarters of the main store to the public. Since yesterday the main Kenyan telephone company has moved its shop windows and its doors from the shop (now become too small) in Kenyatta Road (one hundred...

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Baby Marrow  will celebrate March 8th, International Women's Day, with the return on stage by pianist and singer Mark "Sbringo" Bigi.
From his repertoire of songs and Italian and international standards, the musician who all season has performed successfully in the...

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Hard times for "old mold" banks in Kenya.
The historical Barclays Bank has decided to shut down seven of its subsidiaries in the country following a new parent company policy that has long been rumored to be selling its subsidiary...


On Tuesday morning Andrea Cozzi, one of Malindi's most friendly and brilliant friends, was missing. 
Architect from Bergamo, always ready to beat and with the philosophy of everyday life. He was 60 years old. 
The editorial staff of Malindikenya. net...


If you live in Malindi area, or you stay there for long periods, maybe you'll even have second hand clothes or other objects that you may do without.
From an old middle-operated appliance to household utensils, or toys and bedding.


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