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27-12-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

Also this year is coming to an end for the Italians in Kenya, as for the rest of the human race. This was the twelfth consecutive year told by the online pages of A commitment and constant service that will continue, hopefully with the help of many, even in 2020.
These last twelve months have been marked by unpleasant news, including compatriots and dear friends who have left us, and fortunately by a lot of good news, including the commitment of this country and Malindi in particular for the protection of the environment.
Here, in a nutshell, are the most important and most important news read by you in 2019.

15/1 - Terrorist attack in a hotel in Nairobi, the Dusit. In the end the dead will be 26, including 5 of the 8 bombers. The intervention of the Kenyan special forces this time is timely and saves most of the people inside the Dusit D2 shopping mall.

24/1 - The first boat sets sail from the port of Lamu, a traditional Kenyan Dhow, built entirely with flip-flops, the plastic sandals collected on the beaches of Kenya. This invention, which aims to raise public awareness of the pollution of the oceans, brings Kenya to the front page.

28/1 - In Malindi the first take of the film by Italian comedian Checco Zalone who chose Kenya to set part of his new likely box office success. Zalone will shoot 5 weeks in Kenya, involving dozens of local and Italian extras. The film will be in cinemas from January 1, 2020.

18/1 - The body found lifeless in the Sabaki River, victim of a hippopotamus attack, belongs to an Italian holidaymaker. It is about Roberto Bettini, a 65 year old Milanese pensioner. Bettini was passionate about jogging and spent a few months a year in Malindi. He went every day to run to the mouth of the river, probably went too far and was attacked.

10/3 - An Ethiopian Airways Boeing Max 747, bound from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, crashed shortly after take-off from the Ethiopian capital. On board, among the 149 passengers and 8 crew members, there were also 8 Italians, including the internationally renowned archaeologist and councillor for Cultural Heritage of the Region of Sicily Sebastiano Tusa, heading to Malindi where he had already participated in marine explorations in search of ancient wrecks to reconstruct the history of the Kenyan coast.

1/4 - The "Malindi Green And Blue" Movement was born in Malindi with the aim of bringing the town as soon as possible to separate waste collection, recycling and environmental awareness. Since April, every second Saturday of the month, the group of responsible citizens clean a part of Malindi. Many other initiatives have been put in place. is an active organizing member.

5/4 - Ernesto Bramante, the "Quaestor", leaves for an illness in his house in Malindi. Neapolitan, seventy years old, known and respected in the town for his aplomb and his discretion.

10/4 - More than twenty villas burn in the residential district of Casuarina in Malindi. Most of them belong to tourists who are not present, but also many residents lose their only home. The fire would have started from a short circuit and spread due to the strong wind.
During the fire there were unpleasant episodes of looting in the villas.

25/4 - Kilifi County ratifies with the World Bank the urban development plan for Malindi, which includes the rebuilding of roads, a waterfront project and a rainwater drainage system.

12/6 - After seven years, the direct Rome-Nairobi flight of the national airline Kenya Airways departs again. The novelty is also the direct evening connection from Nairobi to Malindi requested and obtained by local entrepreneurs and with the support of the Italian Embassy in Kenya, after numerous meetings.

23/6 - The Arabuko Sokoke Forest in Gede has been included by UNESCO in the world reserves of the biosphere to protect. It is hoped that this will stop wild deforestation for coal and also drilling for precious or useful metals. Arabuko Sokoke is a very important lung for pollution and microclimate.

30/6 - After a splendid life and forty years of frequenting Kenya, where he was one of the pioneers of the Malindi Golf Club, Sandro Eordegh, one of the Italian historians who loved Kenya, died at the age of 92.

22/7 - Following a major scandal about the procurement of two dams in which the company CMC of Ravenna is also involved, the Treasury Minister of Kenya Henri Rotich is removed from office, arrested and then released on a millionaire bail and awaiting trial. The investigation will bring the Attorney General of Kenya, Noordin Haji, to Rome.

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