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Function and harambee for Malindi dioceses

Sunday at 5 pm in S.Anthony Cathedral

08-12-2016 by redazione

An exchange of Christmas greetings with the parish priests of Malindi, Watamu and Mida, the Holy Mass together and then some refreshments in the presence of the Italian Honorary Consul. A traditional pre-Christmas event for the Catholic community of the Kenyan coast and also an opportunity for the Diocese of Malindi to collect offerings through what is called in Swahili "Harambee", that means "the collection".
In this case we call for the offerings of the faithful to fund projects that the Diocese has a forecast for the coming year.
The event is scheduled for this Sunday at 5 pm to S.Anthony Cathedral in Malindi. They will present Father Orazio from Malindi, that will celebrate Mass, Father Mario from Watamu and Father Giulio from Mida.

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The mass to give a final farewell to Giovanna Soliman will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 29 at 4pm by Father Orazio in Malindi Saint Anthony Cathedral. The 47 years old italian resident died last week due to a combination of antidepressant...

Will be officiated by Father Orazio to S.Anthony Cathedral of Malindi, today 24 February 2017 at 16, the mass in memory of Marco Vancini, Italian entrepreneur and former honorary consul in Malindi died two years ago in a tragic traffic...

A mass in memory of the historical owner of the Casino Malindi, Robert J. Cellini, known by all as Bobby, who died a year ago at age 76 after a brief illness. (Read here the commemoration of

Today in the morning, Friday, August 25, at 11 am at Malindi's S.Anthony Church behind Lamu Road in Malindi, will be given the last greetings to Malindi's "Colonel" Tiziano Traldi, who disappeared last week for eighty-five years.
To say goodbye to...

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The Bishop of the diocese of Malindi, Emmanuel Barbara, died in the kenyan town this morning.
He had been a heart disease for some time, but he had remained head of his diocesan office until yesterday and some faithful had...

A great encore for the Italian violinist Francesco D'Orazio, who after having enchanted the audience at the National Museum of Malindi on Tuesday, two days ago he performed at the National Theatre in Nairobi, before an audience that for days...


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The solidarity chain started from Kenyan Embassy of the Order of the Knights of Malta and also promoted through our site, with the complicity of compatriot Rita Valentini, has arrived at the desired result, to bring a water tank and a...


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Surely yesterday afternoon the National Museum hosted the greatest virtuoso of a musical instrument ever landed in Malindi.
The event organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in Nairobi, which in addition to the free concert violinist Francesco D'Orazio has...


by Freddie del Curatolo

"Immersions, a violin a voice and the echo of centuries" is an unprecedented event for the National Museum of Malindi, which marks the confirmation of a process undertaken with the Italian Institute of Culture in Nairobi and the Italian Embassy...