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Kuki Gallman still in danger for life

Medical staff didn't dissolve the prognosis

24-04-2017 by redazione

A bullet in the stomach, and a lot of blood loss before air transport, more than an hour after the shootout she was involved with.
Kuki Gallmann, an Italian writer, a Kenyan citizen, is accustomed to struggle and has lived a little adventurous and complicated life, now she is struggling to recover from this yet lurking ambush that fate has put her.
A destiny not even too unexpected, to tell the truth.
According to rumors very close to her entourage, she would herself hesitate to tell the doctors, with a loud voice, that her attackers would be ebullient to the Pokot tribe, the shepherds who are trying by any means to appropriate the most extensive ranches of the Rift Valley, in Laikipia and Keryo area in particular.
Gallman was in fact at the time of the incident he was controlling the presence of clandestine inside his ranch when, according to the reconstruction of his driver, who was hit by a crack and managed to drive the car to the hospital of Laikipia, on the track would find a tree trunk that prevented the passage. Made entirely natural from those parts, but this time it was an ambush.
Kuki would have time to open the door and receive a few rifle shots, after having closed it, he would see the wound, while the driver had already pushed the back to drive in a hurry to the country.
In the coming hours we will provide more detailed information on the health of a woman who has always been fought for the peace, nature and good of Kenya.

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Sigh of relief from all Kuki Gallman's admirers and friends around the world, and there are many to judge from the messages of affection and solidarity coming from all over the globe on the social profiles of his foundation.

The conditions of the Italian born and kenian citizen author and writer Kuki Gallman are aggravated.
Ten days after the attack immediately in Laikipia's ranch in Kenya's Rift Valley, the seventies-old environmentalist, author of the bestseller, "Dreaming Africa", is still...


Seven hours of perfectly successful surgery for Kuki Gallman in Nairobi.
His daughter and his closest associates have confirmed the conditions of the Italo-Kenyan writer born in Treviso 73 years ago.
The conservationist is admitted to intensive care and looks forward...

by Leni Frau

Kuki Gallman is better off and decides to release the first interview to the press, choosing the "Daily Mail" headline.
The wounded writer was shot dead on April 23 by an armed gang of Pokot tribe shepherds who illegally occupied...


They shot her in the middle of the night at the stomach, yet it is unknown whether she is intimidating or intending to kill her.
Venetian writer and conservationist Kuki Gallman, owner of a ranch in Laikipia, Kenya's Rift Valley,...


"I would like to express my gratitude to all Italian friends and readers - too many to be able to do it individually - for the wave of solidarity, affection and friendship that has poured on me and my flamenco...



The travelling library of Kenya

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by redazione

by redazione

Drought emergency it's growing more and more throughout Kenya and even on the coast.
Two sporadic downpours in recent days between Malindi and Watamu have not improved the situation is tightening siege of breeders and farmers.
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by redazione

by redazione