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Kuki Gallmann: "I'm ready to go back to my ranch"

The author speaks for the first time after the shot

12-05-2017 by redazione

Kuki Gallman is better off and decides to release the first interview to the press, choosing the "Daily Mail" headline.
The wounded writer was shot dead on April 23 by an armed gang of Pokot tribe shepherds who illegally occupied his property, told his experience and assured that as soon as he feels better and the doctors will give her the "free way" He will return to Ol Nyro, who has been home since 1972 when he moved to Kenya with his husband Paolo and his son Emanuele, both of whom were tragically gone, and in the belly the second-born Sveva, who is now beside her and risked even before Her mother, last March, to be hit.
"I'm wounded but I'm not beaten," Gallman said from his hospital room to the British chronicler, "I'll be back soon to resume my battle in defending animals, smuggling, and country devils."
Gallmann is also winning the post-operation battle, which has led to a bad infection.
"At gunpoint, I felt like a punch in the stomach, then everything was fast and I was already here in the hospital. But now I have to go back to my place, inertia and immobility are the worst punishment I could receive."
Gallmann according to the Daily Mail reporter is still weak and speaks loudly but is absolutely unbreakable when he concludes the interview saying "I'm ready to go back to resist Ol Ary Nyro must resist!"

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The conditions of the Italian born and kenian citizen author and writer Kuki Gallman are aggravated.
Ten days after the attack immediately in Laikipia's ranch in Kenya's Rift Valley, the seventies-old environmentalist, author of the bestseller, "Dreaming Africa", is still...


by Leni Frau

Sigh of relief from all Kuki Gallman's admirers and friends around the world, and there are many to judge from the messages of affection and solidarity coming from all over the globe on the social profiles of his foundation.

"I would like to express my gratitude to all Italian friends and readers - too many to be able to do it individually - for the wave of solidarity, affection and friendship that has poured on me and my flamenco...


A bullet in the stomach, and a lot of blood loss before air transport, more than an hour after the shootout she was involved with.
Kuki Gallmann, an Italian writer, a Kenyan citizen, is accustomed to struggle and has lived...


Seven hours of perfectly successful surgery for Kuki Gallman in Nairobi.
His daughter and his closest associates have confirmed the conditions of the Italo-Kenyan writer born in Treviso 73 years ago.
The conservationist is admitted to intensive care and looks forward...

by Paolo Rotili

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In the past months, Laikipia in central Kenya has seen numerous incidences of the killing of wildlife by armed pastoralists.
The situation remains volatile in places, with drought and local politics being the primary reasons for the unrest.  


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It comes out these days in Italy the new novel by writer and director of Freddie del Curatolo.
The news, if you will, is that this time no mention of Kenya and Malindi.
It is in fact a story...


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They shot her in the middle of the night at the stomach, yet it is unknown whether she is intimidating or intending to kill her.
Venetian writer and conservationist Kuki Gallman, owner of a ranch in Laikipia, Kenya's Rift Valley,...


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