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Tomorrow evening on Rai 3 the "Gad Lerner" Kenya

In "Rich and Poor" contrasts between Nairobi slums and Malindi wellbeing

11-11-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

What Kenya will the journalist and anchorman Gad Lerner want to talk about in his new programme "Ricchi e Poveri", which he will make his debut tomorrow evening, Sunday 12 November, in the second evening on Rai Tre?
At malindikenya. net we followed him in the two bad days, a close interview with pensioners and Italian residents, including Armando Tanzini and myself, and resume daily life at the People Bar, the most frequented meeting place of the "retired" of our house.
A Malindi chosen to counteract the extreme misery of the Nairobine slums of Kibera and Korogocho and the degradation of the Dandora landfill, the largest in Africa.
In the communiqué of the broadcast we read:"Luxury against poverty: as in Malindi, once an African paradise for many Italian entrepreneurs and VIPs, it has become a refuge for our pensioners who can afford a life as rich here".
In Malindi, in reality, Lerner did not find the misery that he might have expected to counterbalance the so-called "nabbbi life" to be opposed, but rather interviewed local employees to whom the Italians decidedly improved their living conditions, such as the gardener of Giancarlo and Marina Cecchetti, who showed the transmission cameras his poor but dignified cement house near the Sabaki river, and next to the one near the Sabaki river.
For our part, by deciding to accompany him in his short reportage, we tried to explain the many opportunities that these people have had in many years thanks to the presence of Italians, tourism and many works of solidarity.
Tomorrow evening we will see how much he has learned but above all what he really wants to show and know about the Malindi microcosm.
In short, intellectual honesty against audience needs.

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by Freddie del Curatolo

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