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Tamarind Chicken, a swahili tasty dish

An original flavours mixing of Kenya cuisine

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The goodness of the free-range chicken in Kenya is not a mystery. In most cases it is cooked simply grilled, but there are Swahili dishes that include other pleasant encounters of flavours. One of these is the tamarind chicken (kuku wa ukwayu).

Ingredients for 4 people

One whole chicken in pieces
Ground black pepper or lemon pepper
Cumin qb
Turmeric qb
Salt qb
A teaspoonful of pasta or tamarind sauce


Marinate the chicken with the ingredients listed above.
In a pan, add a little oil and cook the marinated chicken until it starts to be crunchy, but without cooking it completely
While the chicken is cooking prepare these ingredients, but remember to turn the chicken every now and then and add some water.

For sauce:: For sauce

4 tomatoes beaten
4 tablespoons of tamarind paste
Salt halls
Cumin and turmeric (a grip)
A clove of garlic
Crushed coriander

Mix these ingredients until you get a uniform sauce.
Pour the mixture over the chicken and continue cooking, stirring continuously.

Serve preferably with rice or sauce

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