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Zege, the delicious Kenya street omelette

The recipe of one of the delicacies of kiosks in the coast

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Zege (or Zegee) is a kind of salted omelette with potatoes and is one of the delicacies prepared by kiosks and fried food shops outside shops and on the edge of Kenya's streets, especially on the coast of Kenya. It can also be supplemented with other ingredients and become a real dinner.
Here is the recipe:

Two eggs, slightly beaten
Seed oil
One or two potatoes peeled and cut into strips
chopped onions
salt and pepper to taste
chopped chopped aromatic herbs

Additional Ingredients:
surplus chicken pieces
grated cheddar cheese
Dice green pepper


Prepare the potato strips in the same way as the fries and dry them well.
Beat the eggs slightly with a little salt and pepper.
Heat a casserole, add the oil.
Add the fries and any other additions that you intend to use in the pan. 
Do not overfill the pan. Pour in the beaten eggs to cover everything. 
Cook over medium heat for a couple of minutes. 
Once the bottom of the zege is well coloured, gently place a spatula underneath and turn it upside down. 
Bake again until both sides are evenly colored. 
Serve hot with, as desired, a little tomato sauce and chopped coriander.
Usually the Zege is garnished with mixed salad and toasted bread.

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