Mal d'Afrique


Kenya, Nakupenda Sana

Unforgettable scenes you keep inside

09-09-2016 by Claudia Morabito

Inexplicable attraction has always made me believe that sooner or later we'd be.
Africa, the dark continent.
The third world, the savannah, the poor land where children are dying of hunger and thirst.
I read so much, I documented, I tried to understand what represents the African magic and the famous nostalgia for Africa.
I left in a critical moment, a few days in Paris by the attack and threats Isis towards the West and Europe always present.
I left full of emotions and hopes.
They are one game but knowing that my heart would be full of any kind of emotion that exists on earth.
I never cried but I savored every sensation and each one is carved in my eyes and in my soul, as a sequence of scenes in a movie or a documentary.
Turn Kenya into motion, by day and by night; breathe fresh air, light, pure, feeling the smells of this land.
All thrills for me.
As it was the best thing I've done so far in my life.
I came back different, for many strange, but different, and every day I live with this diversity, which belongs only to me.
I feel I own this cursed land, this difficult land, contradictory, full of corruption and disloyal people, full of people who sell for a few shillings.
But people here still live with values, with a smile, with the acceptance and humility.
You live from day to day but with pride and dignity, without ever hearing a moan.
A poor country but rich in life.
Unforgettable scenes through my head and my eyes.
Every day we do deal with many difficulties but the air we breathe is slight, despite the fatigue of those who live there every day.
See suffering in their faces, but also always see a smile, a human look.
Eyes that penetrate you.
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