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Kenya-Tanzania, so close but never friends

Brief history of a complicate relationship

12-07-2017 by Antonio Altieri

Now that we are at the end of the first electoral mandate of Uhuru Kenyatta and in the year of consolidating the power of his Tanzania colleague John Pombe Magufuli, we can see how the political and economic relations between the two countries of Eastern Africa remain problematic and stent on take off.



She's different from any other

Italians in Kenya narrated by Freddie

20-06-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

One of the most recurring expressions that you feel at Malindi when you come across a man (maybe a certain age) who is engaged to a local girl is "... she is different from all the others."


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Malindi, not flowers and roses but...

Many difference, but meeting Africa was a dream

29-05-2011 by Antonio

The first time, like everyone else, was on vacation.
I knew no one, it was normal a reservation for two weeks at the hotel.
The offer was tempting, 1200 Euros all inclusive.
So many Italians will approach this world that way.
To me, to be honest, i was not interested in making holiday, the sea is beautiful even in my homeland, Gallipoli.


04-12-2009 by Freddie del Curatolo

18-11-2009 by Fedele Turci L'Odoard

Rain, rain...

Stories of Italians in Kenya by a resident

23-06-2009 by Fedele Turci L'Odoard

I do not think Kenyans know the rhino that my grandmother sang me as a child: "it rains, it rains, the cat does not move, the candle is lit, it is said good evening ..." also because here the candles cost and are consumed in Hurry, better the kerosene lantern (hoping that some ecocomplete soon arrives, and not just the wealthy of the West).
But most importantly, who does this happen if the cat does not move?
Do you know how many things and people in Africa are real estate?
Surely it would have more effect to translate Jovanotti's song, which also sounds like a rhyming: "It rains, you hear it raining, madonna as it rains, you feel like it's down."

11-04-2009 by Fedele Turci L'Odoard