Roots Malindi, an african parable

An unique place, historical site buried by modern age

10-11-2010 by Freddie del Curatolo

This is the story of a great tree that, with the years, has the humility to return to the earth after each ascension, and reborn stronger and wiser than before.
But it is also the story of human cruelty, that animal capable of destroying dreams and passions to satisfy their own interests.
In the last year, in Malindi, hundreds of tourists and so many residents have discovered the magic of the Roots, an unusual local built in the midst of a ninety-meter diameter zanzibar ficus.
Its aerial roots were very robust rain caves on which two solid piles were built. We use the past, because in the past few days the legitimate owner of that tree and land in which he is involved began to overthrow it.
It will probably make us home, probably. Or maybe just your home.
But above all, who created that place and its legend did not tell the truth to its guests and supporters.
We at, thanks to secure sources, original documents and reconstructions, went very close: the owners of the Roots site were two Germans, husband and wife.
At the death of her spouse, her spouse Ute Shlitt declines to return to Germany and gives her a proxy to a local trusted man to sell or rent his home. The trusted man after a few years mortgages the land at a bank and runs out with the money.
Later, when the bank expires, the bank decides to repay and becomes the owner of the land.
Meanwhile, a friend of the German lady is doing another delegation, in order to avoid losing ground, but it is too late.
The bank puts it at auction and finds a buyer to whom the big tree is relatively concerned.
So who in the meantime transformed the land in the giriama restaurant bar that many saw and knew, even though they had taken part in the neighboring villagers, was accused of embezzlement and was imprisoned.
However, there are many dark shadows behind the person who ran the Roots. Beyond the sad thing, we are sorry that almost no one has followed our watch, to preserve the beautiful ficus from the roots.
We tried to ask the body that protects the environmental beauties, local associations.
Perhaps we too came too late, the Roots zanzibaric ficus should have become a national monument, and probably its roots will be a monument to human ferocity.

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