Tsavo Road by bike before the tarmacking

Cycling from Malindi to Langobaya to see the old Sabaki valley

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"We are passionate about Africa and mountain biking, so we decided to take a good part of Tsavo Road, from Malindi to Langobaya to enjoy it even as it has always been: wild, dusty and simple as the people who live at its edge" .
The words of the Varese Roberto Ziglioli touch the soul, as well as report on current events never fully resolved question on the next total asphalting of the historic "carretera" dirt road that leads to the sea at the entrance of Tsavo East National Park, on the hills of Sala .
An essential road and contradictory as it can be progress in Africa.
On the one hand make it easier to trade, reaching Malindi to travel to hospital or solve every problem, it will give the opportunity for tourists to be in the paradise of animals in just over half an hour and will develop an induced along the route.
The other will erase centuries of history, landscapes and vistas, will change the habits of men and animals, will limit the development of flora and adversely affect the ecosystem. In short, the eternal struggle between development and romance, between a world that moves and who would stop to admire its beauty, dropped by profit and from the battle (but losing) against fate and fatalism.
A drive is always a ride, even without philosophy, but Roberto, his friend John Place, is also a keen sportsman and ventured on the long snake of clay from Malindi crosses the villages of Ganda (now a satellite city) , Kakuyuni (the ancient settlement of Giriama to Malindi), Jilore, Kakoneni, where the plateau discover the hinterland of the Kenyan coast in all its beauty, watching the course of the Galana River and the immense valley that leads up to Tsavo to 45 km to the park, with the looming tar ready along with caterpillar on the sides of roadways.
A healthy bike ride encountering jubilant children, seniors enjoyed from clothing fitting the two Mzungu, the people of Tsavo Road which will change forever. Some people are happy, who evaluates their interests, who will shift even more in the bush and will have to buy a new pair of shoes.
"What is important is to have confirmed once more that these places are so hospitable and make sure that you can also go cycling in remote areas - explains Ziglioli - and seeing path and perhaps for the last time this beautiful road to we have always been synonymous with nostalgia for Africa ".

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