The italian rose with a kenyan tree roots

The story of the teacher Giuliana Mollea Moretti

03-07-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

You have to believe me, there are monuments that seem as delicate as roses but actually have the centuries-old solidity of cedar trees. 



Farewell Sandro Eordegh, a Malindi gentleman

Malindi Golf Club pioneer and philantropist

30-06-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

I don't like to talk about me when I have to remember people passing away for a better life, but in the case of Sandro Eordegh it would be impossible.
I knew him since I was a child in Italy, even...


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22-05-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

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Erika Ciaccia, when lovin' Africa makes your cooking art better

Finalist of "Hell's Kitchen" Tv format is relaxing in Watamu

30-01-2018 by Freddie del Curatolo

From television escalation to her beloved Kenya.
Erika Ciaccia is going through a wonderful moment, professionally high and satisfying, and as a reward she gave herself the usual holiday in Watamu.
The Apulian chef...



Gianpaolo Zappa bring the best italian cuisine in the new Kenya

From Nyali to "La Cascina" in Nairobi, how to exalt italian tradition of food and wine

23-12-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

Having so much Africa inside and having lived it since childhood, but at the same time feeling deeply Italian. Knowing the history and folds of love of this country, but believing in people and continue to dispense a natural optimism and a predisposition to encounter and beauty of things.
He is a compatriot to know and to take as an example, Gianpaolo Zappa.



15-12-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

"Is there a good musician in Malindi?"
For some years till now you can only answer with his name, Marco Bigi. 
But even better still with the nice "nomme de plume" earned behind the scenes of many years of career among theatres, television, stages of all shapes and sizes and tourist villages: Sbringo.



30-11-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

Perhaps explaining Africa to the Sardinians is simpler than telling Sardinia to the Africans, but certainly without passion and a little job, combined with the knowledge of these two realities, the enterprise would hardly catch in the mark.
Stefano Floris...



Sweet like Malindi: meet the tv testimonial of a Kenya tourism destination

The lady of the talent show "Bake Off" has the same name of the coast town

09-11-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

She is spontaneous to be "testimonial" of Malindi and the beauty of Kenya.
Perhaps even easier than making a cake or pastry.
Yes, because Malindi Donvito...



Malindi mourns Stefano Salvatori, former AC Milan player

Dead at 49 in Brisbane, Australia. He was in Kenya in the last years

01-11-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

After many battles on the field and many adventures around the world, Stefano Salvatori lost the most important one of all. 
The former footballer of Milan and Fiorentina, known by everyone in Malindi...



Farewell Tiziano Traldi, the Malindi "Colonel"

Pioneer of a certain Malindi that is no more the same

17-08-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

The Malindi of forty years ago, that of the "pioneers" of the Italian community, was all another thing.
Our compatriots who decided to move here had been kidnapped by a much stronger appeal than the vacationer or the "nature-clima" (but also perhaps the less noble and abused "easy-to-live easy" life).
Moving to Malindi meant adventure, courage.
Poetic and ruthless sense of freedom.



Elio and Carla, fifty years of Kenya, together

Story of the eldest italian couple in Malindi

02-08-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

Fifty years passed together are a beautiful piece of eternity.
But if this happened in Africa, it's more and more: an endless adventure that needs to be told and heard with the same amazement that you have when you are in the face of Equatorial Nature.



Farewell to Morgan from Malindi

The historical barman leave Kenya after 20 years

23-05-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

The Italian Malindi loses its bartender, one of the historic figures of nights on the Indian Ocean shore.
Great Morgan leaves Kenya after twenty years of militancy, especially at night.
For a long time, Malindi remembers him in the mythical years of the Ferment when the evenings were not an exclusive of entreneuse and future lovers, but also those who spent tropical evenings in the shade of a cocktail prepared in God's grace and artificial light Of real life stories.
In this sense, Morgan was the perfect "moderator", with his adventurous existence behind, from the cubes on Isla Margarita to the nightclubs with Enzo Jannacci in Milan, his career as a young boxer, to Africa embraced after other adventures from Friuli to Sardinia.



Franco Esposito, fifty years of Kenya from S.Marco to Parliament

Malindi Pioneer, Kenya citizen, he'll try to be elected at the next voting

06-03-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

April 26, 1967, alongside his mentor Luigi Broglio, the Italian coach Franco Esposito was in the team which organized north of Malindi the launch of the first satellite in space from Eastern Africa.
Today, fifty years later, the Kenyan citizen Franco Esposito, better known by locals as Kasoso Wa Baya, is a candidate for the second time in national elections to get a place in the Kenyan parliament. It would be the first "Mzungu" Italian to join the elite of Kenyan politics.
In between these two events, there is a great professional adventure, human and social development of a unique character.
"I arrived in Kenya a few months after the country had achieved independence in February 1964 - said Esposito - the engineer Broglio had just signed an agreement with the African country to prepare a launch base for satellites in space to Ngomeni, thirty kilometers north of Malindi. it was the first international agreement that the new president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, was signing. "



The plastic jewels of Michela, recycling can be smart

Chains and bracelets help environment and maasai women

17-02-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

From the recycling of plastic we have seen emerge useful items, sympathetic, unpublished.
But cleaning up the reserves of the Maasai Mara neglect of the human race could have marked out jewels of rare beauty and at the same time helping girls with big social problems, frankly we'd least expect.



Farewell Sarenco, the father of Malindi Art Biennale

Patron of african art and creative in love with Kenya

08-02-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

A long illness that gave no hope, but an indomitable spirit that until the end he thought of art and to his beloved Africa.
Isaiah Mabellini, universally known as Sarenco, was much more of a patron, the more of an eclectic artist with a passion for the art of the Dark Continent. He discovered and launched talent across Africa, has created a movement where it is already difficult to convince the individual artists to cultivate their originality.



Justin and his new crab farm in the Che Shale paradise

The last creation of the owner of the retreat on the golden beach

25-01-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

From catering and lodging in the paradise of Che Shale to the first farm of crabs and moeche in Africa.
There is no Kenyan white man more eclectic and creative Justin Aniere, the owner of the beach retreat that gives its name to the golden beach north of Mambrui.



06-01-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

From evenings with many singers and artists, in the company of partner and friend Francesco Sarcina of "Le Vibrazioni", to cocktails in peace barefoot on the beach in Watamu Paparemo.



Stefano Zanetti, famous italian dentist is moving to Kenya

Implantology expert, will operate between Mombasa and Nairobi with also social intents

03-01-2017 by redazione

The love for Kenya has infected one of the leading exponents of Italian dentistry.
Stefano Zanetti, a fifty-year-old from Milan, an expert in implantology and bone regeneration, is about to realize his dream of moving to full-time in Kenya, and to make available to Kenyans and foreigners living here his professionalism and experience.
Now is already in Nyali, at Dr. Chudasama clinic, over Nakumatt Cinemax, from Friday to Tuesday, but his goal is to move permanently in Kenya, very soon.
"Currently in Kenya there is only one expert implantologist also in" bone regeneration "- explains Zanetti - and has his studio in Nairobi. I love Kenya to the sea, I have a passion for underwater hunting and live mostly on the coast, even though I know I'm in great demand in the Capital. "



Murielle, from Malindi to Nairobi to reach success

Now "La Salumeria" restaurant is one of the best in town

21-12-2016 by redazione

There is an Italian creative behind the success of one of the trendiest restaurants in Nairobi.
The story of Murielle Minchella began long ago and above starts from Malindi to get to the top this year in the rich, fast-paced, multi-ethnic capital of Kenya, with "La Salumeria".



Cleto, an italian istitution man in Malindi

Almost 40 years between San Marco and restaurants

19-12-2016 by Freddie del Curatolo

When you say that some countrymen are "institutions" in Malindi, you would not think somebody else than Cleto.
Maybe because since 1979 is stationed on the coast of Kenya, it will be because at least twenty years, or since has retired, you can meet him often around day and night and always has a joke, a smile or even clever invective from starting to use, but Cleto Ancona is one of those people who attended Malindi can not not know.


Laura Lenzi, art and passion bring you to savannah

From movies and fashion to safaris in Kenya

13-12-2016 by Freddie del Curatolo

The sacred fury of passion and art since a young girl, the popularity on television screens and cinemas just 17 and a modeling career and icon for fashion designers and international creative.
A beauty not without character and look "beyond", that of Laura Lenzi.
Without ever losing the love for nature and the desire to reinvent itself (it was the first wedding-Italian planer).
Then the passion has become the earth, sky and sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAfrica and the young "divine" that was crazy filmmakers and critics has become a woman, mother, business woman.



Enzo Maolucci and his survival in Kenya

"There's no landscape more various than here"

06-12-2016 by Freddie del Curatolo

From intellectual survival in Turin the hard years, to the sport survival in the bush of Kenya.
The story of Enzo Maolucci, secondary school teacher in the seventies, then singer with assets of one of the most intense album of the Italian rock singer-songwriter ( "Barbarians and Bar" in 1978) and today an anthropologist, not it can bundle in a few lines of an article.
But his passion for Kenya surely deserves a special chapter, in an adventurous and creative life, marked by intelligence, talent and curiosity.
Today Maolucci her seventies, brought as everyone would like, it is the president of the Italian Survival Sportivo Experimental Federation (FISSS), a discipline invented by him in 1986 and promoted at national level, and today is recognized as a sport and as a science and education.



Daniela and his long love story with Kenya

"Living here still enchants and thrills me"

29-11-2016 by redazione

In a few months it will reach the fateful step of fifty years, but this year has already celebrated their silver wedding anniversary with his great love, Africa.
Daniela Maggi, Milan, expert in marketing and travel, she married with Kenya shortly after having set foot for the first time.
"That was love at first sight - says Daniela, today African Adventure Guides commercial director in Watamu - I left for just a vacation together with a friend in 1990. 



Luca Dorigo, mal d'Afrique of the tv man

The dj famous with De Filippi is in love with Kenya

24-11-2016 by redazione

Other than the lure of television, other than flaming gossip around the Peninsula. The emotions that gives you Africa will impress on the soul like a tattoo on the skin. It is learning these days Luca Dorigo, who has so many tattoos and emotions experienced even more.



Light, beauty and destiny of Lara

The passions of the italian girl and his SPA in Watamu

09-11-2016 by redazione

"Light, beauty, wealth, destiny. Each one of this elements, in its own way, represents me and encloses the essence of the strong bond with this place i feel i belong to"
These are the words of Lara Abagni, Thirty-two old girl from Milan who has just opened and runs a health club, a spa in Watamu.



Mario Ciampi, soul of Watamu nights

The professional and awesome owner of Come Back

13-01-2016 by redazione

If Watamu nights of music and fun have their natural home to Come Back Club it is due mainly to an Italian professional who wanted him to that place, she saw him completely rebuild and become the place "cult" of the nightlife of the tourist town .
Now continues to manage it with passion and craft, because being together with the people is his life and put his face, the verve and contagious smile is something absolutely natural. He is Mario Ciampi, 44 years globetrotting Puglia, in Kenya for more than ten years.
"I started working as a Food & Beverage Manager at resorts - says Mario - but little by little the love for this land and for the paradise of Watamu prompted me to look for a solution that is closest to the people, in total harmony with my new land".


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15-12-2014 by Freddie del Curatolo

He is one of the leading educators and motivators of most important business managers in Italy, has written essays and papers on the subject, and has worked with the most important Italian companies.
We talk about Alessandro Chelo, Genoan, who taught hundreds of executives how to become a "leader".



14-11-2014 by Freddie del Curatolo

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Bye Bye Andrea Cozzi and your love for life

The italian architect died in Malindi at 60

11-09-2014 by Freddie del Curatolo

On Tuesday morning Andrea Cozzi, one of Malindi's most friendly and brilliant friends, was missing. 
Architect from Bergamo, always ready to beat and with the philosophy of everyday life. He was 60 years old. 
The editorial staff of Malindikenya. net embraces Claudia and also Dario and Valentina, who for him were already as children.



Angelo Esposito and his fabulous 65 years of Africa

92 years old, the great infinite story of an italian in Kenya

03-09-2014 by Freddie del Curatolo

It's a novel, Angelo Esposito life, 92 years and 65 in Kenya.
Founder of the Alfa Romeo clubs Kenyan rally driver experienced and acclaimed electrician since the day of his landing in Nairobi.
We met him in the house he built for himself just outside the capital.
He immediately impressed the lucidity, the energy that seems to flow from the many wires and cables which has handled in his long life. Originally from Carvico, a few steps from the Pope John XXIII house in the province of Bergamo, Angelo learns the craft from "fiulet" in Milan.
Then the Second World War led him to Corsica and Sardinia with the Thunderbolt, then Florence and the mountains of Trentino.
Upon returning poverty is a fact.



Farewell Renato Marini, italian pioneer of Malindi

The 75 years old stakeholder and historical resident died

26-08-2014 by redazione

A grievous mourning envelops the Italian community in Malindi, he has left us one of the deans of the "Italian colony".
Brescia manufacturer Renato Marini. Worn out from a long illness, he died at his home behind the Galana Center, one of his many creations.
Of himself, Renato preferred to say that it was a "hunter", it was actually one of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, the first to have believed in the development of Malindi.



Margherita Maresca, an italian artist in Watamu

The painter will bring a bit of Kenya in Eastern Europe

15-08-2014 by redazione

He turned all over the world Margherita Maresca and had an adventurous life: walk in Somalia, the Congo forest, and again between oceans and deserts. Now the Italian resident in Watamu, particularly known for its acrylic tapestry of African fabrics, will bring his sensibility and his love for this continent on display in Prague.
In September, in the czech city, in the Palace of Italian Culture, the Italian Embassy organizes a tribute to Africa Italy, hosting an exhibition of Margherita, a tribute which is not an end in itself .


07-08-2014 by redazione

Simone Trentavizi, 25 years of Kenya

Hotelkeeper in Malindi, safari man at Shoroa Camp

04-06-2014 by redazione

"I arrived in Malindi 25 years ago and I've never stopped being in love with this place."
Between safari and bed and breakfast in the marine park, Simone Trentavizi celebrates the silver anniversary with Kenya.
With the brothers Alessandro and Giancarlo, Simone is the owner of Stephanie Sea Resort on the most beautiful beach of Malindi.
The historic hotel made famous by his father Ivan, "was when Malindi Malindi", today has embraced the formula Bed & Breakfast.
"And 'the best philosophy to enjoy the new Malindi - explains Simone - tourists today should not feel like a slave to a resort in a gilded cage. Even if we are able to offer all of which services might need, including the restaurant and the swimming pool on the sea ".

17-01-2014 by Freddie del Curatolo

18-08-2013 by Freddie del Curatolo


Our memory of Vincenzo Prezioso

That napolitan gentleman, with smile and coffee

03-08-2011 by Freddie del Curatolo

Very few, among the regulars of Malindi goers, they do not know who Vincent Prezioso.
I like to talk about him in the present, even if a few hours is gone.
Because Vincent was one of the souls of Malindi, one of the historic Italian. If it took away a bad and evil that fast (he would say) has come to break his boxes as well, 'n coppa Indian Ocean. His kindness, his smile always ready, the indomitable Neapolitan. Precious, sitting at "her" table of Bar Bar, always ready to offer a coffee and a chat, is the best Italian dish emigrated abroad.