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Oggi il settore turistico di Malindi e Watamu ha organizzato una conferenza stampa per ribadire che la zona dove si è svolta l'azione criminosa che ha portato al rapimento di Silvia 

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Karibu tena wageni! Welcome again tourist on Kenya coast

In Malindi and Watamu high season will bring many "antropological" species

05-12-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

This winter in Kenya seems to be a great novelty, which reminds us of ancient and legendary times: the return of the tourist from the village. 
We were missing it, indeed!
In these years of crisis we had forgotten about its existence, satisfying ourselves gradually with...

Ten days to Kenya elections: whether there'll be any...

Peaceful demonstration yesterday in Mombasa, that's the only good news

16-10-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

Yesterday's great and peaceful demonstration in Mombasa, by the Opposition, took place in a peaceful atmosphere, demonstrating that (apart from the strongholds of Odinga and its faithful people) the country has...



Election or not election, the matter of Kenya

Peaceful days in the country, the battle is somewhere else

25-09-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

One month after the new elections, Kenya is about to live through complicated days.
Fortunately not from the point of view of street and square tensions, which seem to have been averted for the moment also thanks to the proclamations of peace, which are the only "bipartisan" thing that comes from the top of the two political groups.



Kikambala and Mtwapa, not tourist places

Comparison with Malindi and Watamu not relevant

25-07-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

It happens every time (and fortunately the times are very few, on the Kenyan media coast every three years), to a terrific news story about our fellow countrymen, are paired with pages of common and excursus on "tragic Kenya", Come Titled a daily newspaper of Belpaese, of this "Violent Africa".
Film titles that capture the eye and have to go to parade in one direction forever: "You who complain about Italy, look at what goes on abroad, especially in those places that sell you as paradises of serenity and security ".



Letter of the ideal election candidate for Malindi

"My brothers, do you realize which paradise are we living in?"

06-07-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

Good morning, let me introduce myself: i am the ideal candidate for Malindi at the Kenya Parliament in the upcoming national elections.
First of all I want to point out that I do not belong to the majority, that is, to the party of President Kenyatta and his ally Ruto, the Jubilee, or the opposition represented by an alliance led by his challenger Raila Odinga.
Not having any staff against them, let's mean.



How Malindi Airport became a Black Penelope

It's like to enter in an exclusive club, but after the elections...

17-05-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

We can now say with certainty that Malindi International Airport has become part of the exclusive "Penelope" club, which unites the great world-class works promised, promised, funded and never completed.



Extradition in Kenya explained to children

An answer to who is not happy for the arrest of Mario Mele

05-04-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

Still not got the official news of the extradition of Mario's Lounge Bar manager.
According to the newspaper "The Star" had already been shipped to Italy, according to his lawyer John Kaminwa there is a request from the Court of Malindi to enforce and Mario Mele will return to Malindi at the earliest. 



Kwaheri Kenya, long term tourists back home

Last charters full, italians are already booking for next year

22-03-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

Mid-October - mid-April.
This is the favorite time for vacationers of six months in Kenya, those who exploit the maximum duration of the tourist visa (3 months renewable for another 3, the modest sum of 20 €).



That's why kenian coast it's again an attraction

Fears are the same in all the world, at least here life is good!

17-03-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

The recovery of tourism on the Kenyan coast is under the eyes of all: attendance, up 40 percent compared to the same period last year speak for themselves.
Hands up those who expected such a prosperous summer season.



Why every months there's water shortage in the coast?

Govt and County blame one each other, but people is tired

08-02-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

The system is elementary.
The state-controlled company that pours water to the County of Kilifi, through the plant on the Galana river that takes the endless (thankfully) resources groundwater and river sources, pocketing the bills of all private consumers, businesses, hotels and many coastal activities, most of which related to tourism, and with those bills pays the costs of maintenance, of its workers and mainly plant, turbine and its filters that allow water to get anywhere, moderately purified.



Grillo and Briatore put italian Malindi in first page again

The same old words, but at least no negative news

09-01-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

The return of Beppe Grillo, and a clarification of Flavio Briatore (which you can read here) were enough to put Malindi again on the first pages of the newspapers. The "usual" Malindi, one of which we were perhaps forgotten.


Savings in Kenya after 1 year of Imperial Bank collapse

Today high interests are scaring, "diversify" is the word

21-10-2016 by Freddie del Curatolo

A year ago 57,000 savers of Kenya, including nearly two thousand Italians, Malindi, Watamu, Mombasa, Diani and Nairobi, were holding their breath to await news of the possible reopening of the Imperial Bank Kenya, whose shutters were down on 14 October.



Elephant attacks only to protect himself

Poor Nando made a silly thing

20-09-2016 by Freddie Del Curatolo

As often happens, the sorrow for the loss of a person who had known for years, adds the sadness of seeing mismanaged, distorted if not manipulated the news about the true story emerged after his death.
Poor Ferdinand Mocciola simply "Nando" for everyone in Malindi, for some Italian newspapers has been the victim of an "elephant fierce" or even a "elephant killer", who would deliberately crushed, drunk with malice.
In reality, things went differently and who is savannah expert or accustomed to Africa and with a little common sense, you can imagine.



Do italians escape from Malindi because of terrorism?

No, brain escapes from italian journalists talking about Kenya

01-05-2016 by Freddie del Curatolo

We have not done in time, a few days ago, talking about news finally obbiettive, positive and true (not triumphalist, for heaven's sake) on Italian newspapers and magazines, comes the jab of the usual sensationalist B-series.
This time is Republic to unleash even an envoy, Peter Del Re, who on his way to Malindi in mid-April, he discovers that there are Italians, the beaches are deserted and concludes that it is guilty of terrorism.


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Ebola, the tall story of italian TgCom

After a mistake, no correction because of good audience on it

25-08-2014 by Freddie del Curatolo

An Italian volunteer, not a tourist, flying from Nigeria to Istanbul (Kano) airport malaria, vomits and is treated as a case of suspected Ebola. Santa precaution, it seems, there can be great, because in Nigeria (168 million inhabitants, according to the last census) there were 14 cases of ebola virus.
Kenya did not record since 1982 and was a researcher studying the apes atop Mount Elgon. We conclude that if an Italian fell at home with charter from Mombasa and, due to an overdose of prawns and lobsters in Malindi, were unfortunately the first turbulence have some retch, the flight staff on Rome or Milan would not dream of isolate the suspected case.



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Kenyan coast start to have separatists

MRC try to reclute young people to ask indipendence

13-12-2012 by Freddie del Curatolo

Fatally, after a few days when Somali mold grenades no longer resonate their eerie macabre in the churches of Nairobi or the Northeast of the country, it is the Kenyan coast to take on the disadvantages of the national chronicle.
The Mombasa Republican Council, better known as the MRC, which reminds more of a cruise company than an extra-parliamentary movement, has taken on a slice of popularity, passing short of being one of the many small Northern Style phenomena (demand for Devolution, wanting to create an autonomous region, if not a real state with capital Mombasa, leaving in fact Kenya without the outskirts of the sea) to arm their youths for acts of violence against local politicians.
So it happened that at a meeting wished by the Amason Kingi fishing minister, there were twenty boys, brandishing sharp pangs and screaming "Pwani si Kenya" (the coast is not Kenya).


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30 hours without power in Malindi, who cares?

There's always something to do in Africa when light is off

19-10-2011 by Freddie del Curatolo

When Saturday morning, around 10 o'clock, for the umpteenth time during the week lacked the light, it was thought the usual two or three hours.
We get organized peacefully here in Malindi order not to open the refrigerators, UPS system that leaves you at least half an hour for the computer and the internet, with the hope that you come back for lunch to toast the bread and maybe use the oven.
Yet nothing. Saturday afternoon out shopping, to play with children, to buy rice for the orphanage in Pumwani, chatting with the fish vendor ... in short, the usual African life on saturday.


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Witch hunt or italian media witchcrafts?

Superficiality of our journalist make one soup of everything

10-03-2009 by Freddie del Curatolo

Recently we reported on this portal in the "short from Kenya" without unnecessary alarm but with the dryness of one who, for editorial dictates, is only marginally deals with local news and always with the synthesis (and if aseptic it want) of an information agency of the portal is both mirror and voice, some news related to the "witch hunt" and sorcerers on the Kenyan coast and inland.
An even isolated phenomenon but, mainly because of the will of the new generations to get rid of old taboos, could spread with the usual phenomena of imitation. Fortunately in Kenya still there that media terrorism based sull'apologia crime, the process that elevates a public figure and has the murderess reputation, visibility, something more than an appearance in our contemporary history to distinguished strangers, often frustrated and insignificant humans protagonists of heinous acts. For now, the local media just report the news, do not go directly to the comment.


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