Watamu and Kenyan coast


A trip into the "white world" of kenyan coast

Ngomeni, 30 km north of Malindi, an unique landscape

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The "white world" of the Kenyan coast is about thirty miles north of Malindi.
After the golden shore of Che Shale, beyond the Italian base of the San Marco aerospace project, the ocean view disappears and miles and miles of salt looms.
Iodized sea salt, more or less, through the industries that have spread this stretch of coast, serve the whole country.



Watamu and kenyan coast

The wonder of the Indian Ocean landscape

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If the kenyan coast was a movie, it could be entitled “From Vanga to Kiunga”. An endless, amazing, multicoloured film unrolling through white sandy beaches, sudden rocky ups and downs, coral reefs, islands and stacks, fishermen' villages and ancient arab settlements, oasis rich in marine fauna. 
In fact, after the national parks, an attraction having few equals in the world, the kenyan coast on the Indian Ocean is the most visited area in Kenya.



White beaches and sweet people

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Twenty km before Malindi, after Chumani and Matsangoni villages, you will find Mida creek, covered with forests of mangroves, plants whose roots grow in the salt water. At Mida extremely rare birds are present, like the african fish eagle, the yellow-billed stork and two special types of kingfisher, one of them malachite green coloured. It is possible to take part in organized bird watching walks or staying in an "Eco Camp".




Golden beach and arab elegance

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Twelve km north of Malindi, after the bridge at the mouth of Sabaki river, there is Mambrui village.
With its majority of muslim people, Mambrui is a village of fishermen developed on the large beach joining the left shore of Sabaki river with Ngomeni salt pans.
Today, near the fishermen’ houses, along the beach called Che Chale which took the name from the homonymous restaurant with lodges, some other residential complexes have been built.



Diani Beach

Relax an beauty in Kenya South Coast

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At the early 1900, Diani was the first holiday place for the english. Sailors and adventurers, colonizers and dealers discovered nature and sea at only 25 km from Mombasa, while working and planning their East Africa and connecting Kenya with Uganda through a brand new railway.
The first residences were built and also Ernest Hemingway made a stop there.
Even after kenyan independence, the british citizens stationing in Nairobi were used to go to Diani to spend their holidays. Once built the first hotels, even tourists from other european countries preferred Diani, included the italians which, however, represent a minority in comparison with Malindi or Watamu. 




Second Kenya Big City

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The capital of East Africa in the past times, one of the most important harbours of the whole continent is, actually, an island-city, connected with north east through a bridge, with south west through Likoni ferries and with its hinterland through about ten channels and inlets where the road winds along Nairobi.
Mombasa is the typical multi-ethnic maritime town, strongly influenced by arab and oman cultures (the lanes of the ancient swahili town look like a casbah), by a quite recent indian past (this remarkable settlement had been created by the british who, at the end of 1800, had brought the indians to Kenya to work, in particular, to the railway) as well as by the traces of the portuguese presence, represented by Fort Jesus, fortress and outpost of the maritime troops and then of the swahili Resistance for four centuries.




New County Capital

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Kilifi is halfway between Mombasa and Malindi, at the outlet of an attractive creek which, for centuries, acted as a safe docking and stopping point for cargo boats. During the british colonialism, also a yacht club was created, the first of the kenyan coast. Until 1991, a ferry was necessary to go through Kilifi "creek", the Kilifi ferry, then the japanese built a bridge.



Lamu Island

The islands and a timeless paradise

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Lamu and its islands are one of the wonders of the Kenyan coast.
The town, situated on the main island. It is a sort of small islamic enclave in Kenya and at the same time a magical place where time seems to have stopped some centuries ago.
At least because the island is car or other motor vehicles, but the "vehicle" as used remains the donkey, and even because people still live without the civilization it has preserved the ancestral customs.