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Director Montesanto, enthusiastic words on Malindi

"It's a soul-place with a magic light and breath of freedom"

17-10-2016 by Freddie del Curatolo

The malindian exploration of Giampaolo Montesanto director had his moment with the public screening of the documentary "Italians in Eritrea" and the presentation of the project "Italian in Kenya" by the Italian Institute of Culture in Nairobi and funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the Week of the Italian Language.
Saturday night in the courtyard of the National Museum of Malindi a good number of Italians (but also some English and Kenyan) considering the low season, have seen an interesting overview of a century of the history of our countrymen between Massawa and Asmara.
Those who participated in it was really involved in the documentary, staying until the end.
Sorry as always note the paucity of the Italian cultural community residents, most often ready to skirmishes specious or the squalid "I'm not coming if there is that," rather than the curiosity to know, participate and show that I deserve some initiatives. But we got used to this and we thank the twenty residents Saturday night have enriched their knowledge of Italian in Africa, instead of barricading Aventine trivial reasons or to prefer a game of football, golf or Facebook chat.
During the weekend the Sicilian director has interviewed some Italians in Malindi which will become the protagonists of his new short feature. Particularly interesting meeting with Franco Esposito, who recalled the beginnings of the Italian Malindi, with the project San Marco built by Luigi Broglio in 1964 and opened in 1967. But even the vicissitudes of Elio Altomare and his wife Carla, the first Italian woman resident Malindi, since 1969. he could not miss in the documentary, one of malindine icons, the artist Armando Tanzini. From now Montesanto continue his interviews in Nairobi, Malindi, but has left its mark. "It 'a unique and wonderful place - said - a soul place with a great light, where you can feel a sense of freedom that in cities and towns in Africa is increasingly rare."

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