Mondo Overland Travels


Founded in 2017 by Chiara and Alice, Mondo Overland Travels was born with the ambition to offer unique travel experiences in Kenya, beyond traditional mass tourism.
Its mission has always been to allow travellers to discover the beauty of this land in an authentic way, connecting its travellers with local communities and contributing to the well-being of the environment and the host population!
From the very beginning, Mondo Overland Travels has worked to offer a different approach to travel, carefully selecting activities so that the land and its inhabitants can reap long-term benefits from our tours.
Over the years the team has expanded, and today is fortunate to be able to count on and collaborate with a team of fantastic people.
The tour operator organises tailor-made individual and group tours, offering the flexibility to tailor each trip to the needs and wishes of the clients. In addition, Mondo Overland Travels organises escorted trips from Italy and, upon request, provides specialised Italian-speaking guides to ensure a stress-free and fully immersive experience.
As of 2023, the company has expanded our offerings to include tours to Uganda to observe the beautiful and majestic mountain gorillas and chimpanzees! This experience offers travellers the chance to explore the extraordinary beauty and diversity of East Africa even further.
Mondo Overland Travels is committed to offering sustainable alternatives in all its destinations, selecting eco-friendly activities and accommodations to minimise negative impacts on natural and cultural environments.
"This is our mission, these are our values: to leave a positive footprint on the land, which is why upon arrival in Kenya, every traveller receives our sustainable welcome kit, which includes a selection of eco-friendly and 100% made in Kenya products! We guide passionate travellers on an authentic and respectful discovery of Kenya, leaving a positive imprint on the land and providing unique and unforgettable experiences!" assure Mondo Overland Travels.

FOR MORE INFO AND CONTACTS: https://www.mondooverlandtravels.com/