Caffè and More


Caffe’ and More is a Kenyan Company specialized in coffee, wines and other products directly imported from Italy and Spain. The founders, Lucia and Marco, decided to dedicate their know how and their efforts, in the Kenyan market, considering Kenya one of the more growing economy in the East Africa.
The coffee market is showing important changes both in quality and in distribution chains.
Although the coffee is always coffee, new systems and new solutions are currently experiencing a strong growth in Europe.

We are proposing now what is defined the new frontier both for professional and private customers. So, we offer two line of business, one dedicated to professional customers, like restaurants, bar, hotels, catering, and offices, and a line dedicated to private clients and home use. Different solutions for different needs, tailoring our offer on the real needs of our clients.

About wines our search is always directed to excellency in quality getting the real best prices, and we are able to obtain this by choosing, among the market opportunities, the more interesting ones, and buying our products directly from the producers.
All our wines are tested in Italy by experts, and thanks to our specialized network, we are able to offer the best price/quality ratio. The more expensive doesn’t mean a better quality.