Comites Kenya

Comites, the Committee of Italians Abroad (a consultative body of the Italian Embassy) is also present in Kenya. Established in 1985, the Comites are representative bodies of the Italian community abroad, in relations between resident citizens and diplomatic-consular representations. Their objective is to promote any initiative aimed at enhancing the Italian socio-cultural heritage in any field, in full cooperation with the diplomatic institutions present in the host countries.
The Co.Mi.Tes are also called upon to cooperate with the Consular Authority in protecting the rights, needs and interests of Italian citizens residing in the consular district.
The one in Nairobi is not an elective body, in consideration of the fact that in this consular district there do not reside at least three thousand compatriots registered in the updated list referred to in art. 5, paragraph 1, of Law 459/2001.

Here are the names of the members of the current Board of Directors
Bruno Giachino - President
Dario Zecchini - Vice President and Treasurer
Maddalena Stefanelli - Secretary
Giuseppe Fedele - Director (Mombasa)
Roberto Lenzi - Director (Watamu)
Roberto Miano - Director
Paolo Torchio - Treasurer
Faustino Trufelli - Director
Hibo Yassin - Director
Massimo Vallarin - Director