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How drought change the habits in Kilifi County

Plots, herds, sickness: this year's problems

10-02-2017 by redazione

Kenya is plagued by drought.
While the Nairobi Central Government is thinking of asking the natural disasters in the United Nations, to have extraordinary and unprecedented deal with an emergency appropriations, in the hinterland of the coast came the first signs of climate change that is putting a strain on already try conditions of the neediest population.
In a single year, according to statistics presented by the National Drought Management Authority, the people who ntrovano in critical condition due to lack of rain water have increased from 1 million 300 thousand to 2 million 700 thousand.
Inland from Malindi morphology of the terrain it is changing, the green does not do more to master, and the drought has made common cause with those who cut down trees to use the wood and who makes building their own plots of land.
Moreover siciità displaces habits of animals, looking for points of the Galana river where deposits, little water creates natural pools of drinkable water. So elephants and other animals they push on the banks of the river, coming also from the national park.
Tsavo park where herds of cows come instead to look for more fresh grass and genuine than the edges of the new road from Malindi.
Due to the lack of short rains last November, this year everything is dry, with the result of the circulation of diseases that can strike more frequently old and children under 5 years.
It is hoped that this year's monsoon rains may come in April, rather than at the end of May as ultimately happens.

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