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The story of Robin Cavendish is now a movie

Paralyzed by polio in Nairobi in 1958, travelled around the world with wife Diana

13-11-2017 by redazione

Robin Cavendish's incredible story is now coming to cinema.
The original title of the film "Breathe", which will be in Italian theatres from this week with the title "Every Breath".
It's a Hollywood production starring young Andrew Garfield (Spider Man, The Social Network) who plays the protagonist of a true story from Kenya in the last century.
Cavendish fell in love with Kenya at the age of 20 during her military service in the Queen's army, right in the then British colony in Africa.
When he returned home and finished his university studies, he wanted to live in Nairobi with his wife Diane and devoted himself to the trade and sale of tea, in the hills of Ngong.
Here, in 1958, he contracted a severe form of polio that first caused him serious respiratory problems and then immobilized him to his neck.
After a year spent in a Kenyan hospital, while the struggle for the Independence of the country was waging outside, Cavendish against the advice of doctors decided to go out, breathing thanks to a modern instrumentation (for the times) and above all manufacturing a wheelchair applicable to a van with which he would travel first to Kenya and then to England where he returned to live, finally around the world.
Thus he became the most important lawyer for the rights of disabled people.
Cavendish died in 1994 at the age of 64, turning into history even as the oldest polio sufferer ever to exist.  
The film, based on stories by Robin's son Johathan, was directed by actor and director Andy Serkis.

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