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Walking in the Chalbi desert of Kenya

With Afreeca Eclectic, Gabra tribe and Michael Asher

20-07-2019 by redazione

When we say that Kenya is one of the symbolic and iconic countries of Africa because it has, enclosed within its territory, all the variety of its Nature and its Landscapes, let's not exaggerate. We usually illustrate and tell the fantastic savannah of wild animals, the great mountains climbed by climbers and adventurers, the great volcanic lakes studded with pink flamingos, the beaches of the coast and the Swahili civilization of the Indian Ocean, the virgin forests and lunar landscapes of Turkana, not to mention the modern charm and flattery of Nairobi and the extreme peace of the reserves and many gardens of eden.
We often forget that in Kenya there are also deserts and situations that for their primordial charm, the rarefaction of everything compared to our time and the purity of the nomads who live there, are all to be discovered.
This is what you can do thanks to the expeditions that the Afreeca Eclectic Tour Operator organizes with one of the most important experts in deserts in the world, the Englishman Michael Asher.
With him and with the assistance of the nomads of the Gabra tribe and their camels, you can explore the Chalbi desert from Lake Turkana.
A walking safari for true adventure lovers: you will sleep in tense camps set up day by day on the way (about twenty kilometers on foot, with stops of ten minutes every hour), without showers or toilets.
Asher is a legendary character: a former British special forces soldier, historian, ecologist and author of over twenty books, he has received several prestigious international awards for his explorations of deserts.
He has lived in Kenya for more than twenty years but, after having crossed the Sahara with his wife on a camelback (over 7500 km), he lived for three years in contact with the Kababish nomads of Sudan. With him, who speaks fluent Arabic and Swahili, we will venture for ten days in the Chalbi, starting from the enchanted "Lake Jade" and following the tracks of Gabra, which lead to the oasis for drinking, springs and villages at the foot of extinct volcanoes, with breathtaking views.
We move on foot, the camels are used mainly for transporting luggage, food and water, even if they are available for those who need to rest or any other case.
It is a unique opportunity to get to know remote and less frequented places not only by tourism, but by the whole civilization, protected by those who have lived there for centuries and who move with natural ease, with the dignity and philosophy of life that only nomads can show.
With Afreeca Eclectic, an agency now known for its exclusive and special safaris from many points of view, including the philanthropic one, we will also explore the ethnic side of these areas, entering the daily lives of tribes such as the El Molo, destined for inevitable extinction and the Worre Guube, hunters still dedicated to building their own tools as it happened thousands of years ago.
"Walking with the nomads" is not only a passage in the desert, but a leap in time and in front of the essentiality that brings us back in touch with our nature.
Two hundred kilometers on foot (the cars will follow at a proper distance) to enjoy an adventure that few in Kenya can boast of having experienced. The first expedition will start on November 4th. For information you can visit the site and read the entire program by clicking here

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