Domenico Martucci, songs and solidarity from Praga to Kenya

"I help who is in trouble, here i feel safe and happy"

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The story of Domenico Martucci Della Torre, a Neapolitan nobleman who has been a celebrity in Prague for years and who has Africa in his heart, is truly unique. 
The melodic singer is currently in Malindi to help those in need. 
From the school for the deaf and dumb in Kakuyuni, to the workers who are building a school that he supports, to the children of a village and the Red Cross with donations of medicines. I consider myself a lucky man," explains Martucci, who is a true icon in the Czech Republic for his songs and for having been linked to the country's most famous pop star, "and so after a holiday in Kenya I realised that I could do a lot, in my own small way, for these people.
Domenico's dedication will actually bear even more fruit than a normal charity, because thanks to him the Ceki are discovering the Kenyan coast. "In the last few days I have told them where I am on holiday,' says the singer, who left Italy because he did not like the logic of show business, and despite being well-off began playing in Prague piano bars, 'and the newspapers and magazines talk of nothing else. I told them that the Kenyan coast is very quiet, despite what is happening, and that I was very saddened, at the border with Somalia'. 
Domenico Martucci divided his time between donations of food and medicine in inland villages, helping the special school for deaf-mutes in Kakuyuni and an agricultural project for which he became a spokesman, renting a tractor to help sow maize before the rainy season. Apart from the solidarity work," Martucci explains, "my life experience has been to take part in the initiatives in person, working with a shovel and spade with the builders, driving the tractor that ploughs the fields to sow the corn, and teaching games to the children of Kakuyuni. These people may thank me and those who, thanks to my example, will give them concrete help, but I must thank them for the life lessons they have given me, with their great dignity". For the singer, who is used to escaping from the paparazzi in Prague with every new love story and who recently won an important song festival in Russia, the Malindsian interlude is not over, he will still have a few more days to himself and will also allow himself to relax in the sun and sea. This heavenly place is truly unique in the world," admits the Czech star, who is practically unknown in Italy, "with its combination of sea, fantastic climate, nature and animals, as well as entertainment and nightlife, and last but not least, the possibility of coming into contact with humble people who are a pleasure to meet. 

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