Mal d'Afrique


My last Africa

"I will always be here, on the truth of your land"

09-09-2015 by Nico Colombo

Today I decided to leave the land I love, and these lines are for you ....

Are hours that go down tears me, but chasing me emotions that I can not stop.
I can not understand their meaning, or maybe I will not. I cling for a moment to my beliefs sometimes culture and harmful.
In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche formulated the last hypothesis of eternal recurrence, the idea that the world process is cyclical and eternal,
superman yet life-affirming.
Let it be, again and again, with all its joys and
pains. Already the superman but ', and that instead I'm just a man, and I still
this land that beats beneath me what I do.
I do not hide it .... I am afraid to come back and feel lonely.
I'm leaving this time ...... and 'completely different .... even if your bags are full of memories of the past ten years with you, the weight I have inside
it seems impossible to sustain .... maybe the reality and I'm not 'andandomene away ... but that'll take you away with me.
T'ingelosire if not I will touch another flower, I will guard your scent, your colors your clay.
... As a disappointed lover who looks for another sun to not see what 'already' you are .... Show all
Not wither if not give you the last kiss.
It will be for me an instant immense in which I will not live your love.
I'll betray you in cunning, quick, before he gets back your sun.
I go for another trip, but I will always be here, on the right of your land, you who trample on the fake.
Small steps you walked into my life to unchain storms and rainbows of a thousand moons
in my sleepless nights.
I who was tired of running from love, here I gave up while you teach me the life I wanted.
I'll be throwing away tears of past days with someone else will love you.
You'll always be here, in a hidden where only a lover defeated knows suspended between time and space, without breathing.
I am in search for the most stupid excuses, to talk about you, and remained imprisoned in a vacuum.
Until a tear out of the heart come to her lips and her salty taste I still bring your ocean.
It will be so that we come together ... how 'was the hold hands in an endless game with people you love and those who feel loved.
Use your power to keep your people together affiche is not changed the useless race to what 'we,
let the old legends continue to tell around the fire, take care of your more 'young children and
do not grieve for those who accuse you without knowing you.

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