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You know why i love Kenya and i want to live here?

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25-05-2022 by Axel Rossi

Hello, I am an Italian from the province of Bologna, I am forty-nine years old and separated.
I have a diploma as a surveyor which has served me little purpose in life because when I was 24 years old, with a friend I opened a pub and ran it profitably until just before the pandemic, when I had the incredible good fortune to sell it, just a few weeks before everything went downhill for two years (and still struggling to recover now, thanks in part to Putin).

My life changed when they reopened the borders.
I went back to Kenya, after three years, and decided that my future is here and not in Italy.
Do you know why I fell in love with Kenya and am trying to live there?

You will immediately think, "middle-aged, single man...he must have found his soul mate" (to put it mildly).
I would be disingenuous if I said I don't like African girls, but that's not the point. Cuba and Santo Domingo have even more charming, curvaceous and more intriguing beauties because they have been used to relating to our civilization for longer.

I love Kenya because you never take anything for granted here, because maybe there is despair, but never sadness. Because people get dazzled by money and symbols of wealth, but then they are able to share it with others, because here you will always find someone who will offer you a bite, even if it is something inedible for us. Then I love this place because you can still dream, because if you have the will to do, here with a few tens of thousands of euros you can set up a profitable business (especially not in tourism...) and employ a lot of people. Because even if the institutions are corrupt, you can always find some good people to assist you and in the end, by hook or by crook, everything gets fixed.
I love Kenya because in so many things it reminds me of Italy so many years ago. Because here you can still think about starting over in a more humane, less stressful way, closer to your nature, to continue to live a minimum of passions, pleasure and hope in a better world.

"Axel" Rossi

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