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Farewell Mama Sarah, Obama granny

She became very famous not only in Kenya

29-03-2021 by redazione

At almost 90 years old, she had become a celebrity not only in Kenya.
Her modest home in the village of Kogelo, not far from the shores of Lake Victoria, had been transformed into a sort of living museum, Mama Sarah's welcoming tourists, curious nationals and foreigners with a smile and a cup of tea. Inevitably, a small business was born around it, with entrance fees and guided tours of the birthplace of her son, who in turn would have had the most famous half-Kenyan son in the world.
Mama Sarah Obama, grandmother of the first black president of the United States of America, Barack, was unable to fulfil her last dream, that of celebrating her 100th birthday, when the beloved grandson who changed the last years of her life would return to pay his respects.
She passed away at the Oginga Odinga Hospital in Kisumu at the age of 99 from complications that arose after a hospital stay (it is not yet known if Covid-19 was involved).
Barack Obama had visited her in Kogelo in July 2018 but he had a very fond relationship with Grandma Sarah, considered more than his father had been the true link to his African roots, the Kenyan roots of the luo ethnic group of which Sarah, he said, had taught him a few words.
She was the fourth wife of trader Houssein Onyango Obama, and mother of Barack Houssein Obama, Barack's father who emigrated to the US.
Given the restrictions of the pandemic, it will be almost impossible for the former American president to attend her funeral, which will be attended by fewer than 15 people (but will this really be the case for a local celebrity?) and not thousands as it would surely have been.

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