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Kenya wants to raise safari prices

Polemic over new entry fees to parks

10-08-2023 by redazione

Starting in the next few months, prices for entrance fees to Kenya's parks and reserves could increase by 2 to 5 times what is paid now.
The Kenya Wildlife Service forwarded to the media the new fee schedule starting in January 2024, which has caused controversy and protests from trade associations, tour operators, and the hospitality industry regarding safaris.

As the BBC reports, Nairobi National Park, world-famous for being the only national park within a capital city, will be hardest hit by the government agency's proposed increase, with fees expected to rise nearly fivefold from the current 430 shillings to as much as 2,000 for Kenyans and residents, and as much as $100, more than double the current rate of $43.
Visitors to other parks in the country will also pay a higher amount, depending on park category and season, but the increase will be less.

Many Kenyans argue that the proposed fees are too high, especially when considered in the current context of rising general cost of living.
First and foremost, they think of tourism, which has already been strained by rising airfare and the price of travel, including safaris, due to rising gasoline prices. But there are also those who are thinking about the preservation of the environment and the culture of nature and wildlife by Kenyans themselves.
"High entry fees could discourage families and students from learning about nature. We need solutions that encourage exploration and education without financial barriers." The proposed 2024 fees in Mara and KWS parks must be eliminated," Stella Maris Miriti, director of a tourism company, told the BBC.

The Kws, accused online and on Whatsapp groups of "failing to demonstrate transparency in the public participation process that led to the decision of the increase," responded by saying the new fees will help the government agency "conserve and protect natural resources, such as wildlife, habitats and ecosystems."

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