Murielle, from Malindi to Nairobi to reach success

Now "La Salumeria" restaurant is one of the best in town

21-12-2016 by redazione

There is an Italian creative behind the success of one of the trendiest restaurants in Nairobi.
The story of Murielle Minchella began long ago and above starts from Malindi to get to the top this year in the rich, fast-paced, multi-ethnic capital of Kenya, with "La Charcuterie".
"This year I'm living the culmination not only of my professional career - explains Murielle - but also my path afriano. I arrived in Kenya in 1987 on vacation and was not difficult to fall in love with Malindi. On my return to Europe I realized that I had been kidnapped from this land, and I had to come back soon. "
So Murielle also enters the world of tourism and catering, transforming the villa bought with his family in a luxury boutique resort.
"I did everything to stay - reveals Murielle - I put to the test in a country that did not know but that I was in love, accumulating experiences and working as the director of hotels and restaurants, with passion and always in harmony with the staff and customer base. I think I left a good memory in all the places where I worked, and the affection of managers and customers, even today, they gave me strength and makes me feel good. "
So the restaurateur puts in your heart and in the suitcase his adventure in Malindi and Watamu, and tries to return to Europe. But the lure of Kenya is too strong and the desire for a new challenge, bigger and exciting is coming. La Salumeria in Nairobi for 17 years is known as one of the many good Italian restaurants in Kenya, but thanks to Murielle in a few months has gained new customers and has made the reputation of a renowned restaurant.
"I decided to bring my passion, creativity and experience in Nairobi - said Murielle - and I had to manage one of the most famous restaurants in the capital, frequented only by ordinary people and citizens around the world, including from politicians first floor, governors and famous entertainment personalities and the Kenyan public life. In the near future we will introduce a special cellar of Italian wines that still are not found in Kenya and will introduce dishes of the typical gastronomy of the Italian regions. The success of "La Charcuterie" has not come by chance, it is the result of many sacrifices and teaching that the difficulties have been able to give me. Today I consider myself a lucky person, for the relationship I have with my team, without which the reputation that the restaurant was made could not be, and the satisfaction that my client gives me every day. The secret is in the kitchen able to conquer every palate, service and nell'affiatamento ".
A happiness also made of perseverance, sacrifice and some sacrifice.
"Of course, it is normal that I miss all of Malindi and Watamu: the sea, the climate, the colors and the smiles of the people. They are the things that made me love Kenya and that pushed me even today take for work even in a big city. I feel alive and fulfilled, and as soon as I can I get back on the coast, on vacation.

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