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To enter Kenya you must have a passport with a residual validity of at least six months at the time of applying for the visa.
You must also have a return air ticket.
Upon entry into the country, a stamp is affixed to the passport, indicating the duration of the stay.
The tourist is advised to declare the actual period of stay in Kenya and to check the stamp affixed to the passport; the extension of stay can only be obtained from the offices responsible for immigration.
Penalties for failure to comply with this procedure may even lead to arrest.
To enter Kenya, the passport must have at least a full blank page in order to be able to affix an entry visa. Otherwise, travellers may not be accepted into the country and may return to Italy on their first useful flight.
For any changes to the residual validity of the passport request, it is advisable to ask in advance at the Embassy or Consulate of the country in Italy or at your travel agent. 
It is compulsory to obtain a paid entry visa to enter the country.
The categories of visa are as follows: 
1. Transit visa (transit visa, USD 20) with a maximum validity of 72 hours.
Visa application also available at http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html 
2. Tourist visa (tourist visa, 50 USD or 40 EURO) valid for one month, three months and renewable for up to six months; visa application also available at http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html  
(Note from malindikenya.net: recently it may happen that a visa valid for only one month is issued, it is advisable to check the validity and if you want to stay in the country for more than a month, even in spite of the fictitious return ticket or not, please report it to the immigration officer. If you do not notice in time or you receive a refusal, you can still extend it for another two months without additional cost, going to the immigration office closest to the place of stay)
3. Multiple visa (multiple visa, 90 EURO) per business. Valid from one month to one year. The application must be submitted to the Kenyan Embassy in Rome. Among the required documentation, the invitation letter of the local company must be submitted.
4. single journey visa (51 USD)  
5. East African Tourist Visa: valid for 90 days (Multiple entry visa USD 100), allows you to travel to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. The request is made in the first country of arrival. If in Kenya, you get it from the Kenya Embassy, if in Uganda you apply to the respective Embassy, if in Rwanda you get it online on "evisa" of Rwanda. 
The Kenyan authorities have announced the introduction of an online procedure for obtaining an electronic visa.
It is desirable to follow this procedure, accessible at the following address: http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html (only in English).
For Italian travellers, it is also possible to apply for a Kenya visa on the Visti.it website, which offers explanations and assistance in Italian, unlike the only official website.
The Kenyan authorities have indicated that it will still be possible to apply for a visa at Kenya's accredited embassies in the country of residence and at the airport. In this regard, please note that the Kenyan authorities accept the payment of fees in U.S. dollars recently issued.
Payment can also be made in an equivalent amount in Euros.
For further information, please contact the Kenya Embassy in Rome, which is responsible for issuing the entry visa. 
Currency and customs formalities: tourists can freely import foreign currency up to a maximum of US$ 10,000 with a special declaration. Beyond this limit it is necessary to fill in a form for the Central Bank to be delivered at the time of entry or exit from the country.
It is advisable to change the currency only at authorized offices (banks, hotels and exchange offices). 

(source: Viaggiare Sicuri, website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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