Malindi hosts the World Week of Italian Cuisine

From 27 nov to 1 dec, events and specialities in many italian restaurant

13-11-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

Worldwide, from the second half of November the "International Week of Italian Cuisine" is celebrated and for the first time in Kenya Malindi will host most of the events related to this annual initiative sponsored by the Embassies of Italy of each country through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the program "Living Italian Style".
In Kenya, through the Italian Cultural Institute, this year we are celebrating the work of the first historical "culinary critic" of our country, Pellegrino Artusi, author of a well-known cookbook that has been translated into about thirty languages.
There were no recipes in Kiswahili and on the idea of the Ambassador of Italy in Kenya Alberto Pieri is printed a collection of 19 dishes which, next to the ingredients and preparation explained in Italian and English, there will also be the Swahili translation.
The publication will be presented by Pieri himself on Saturday 30 November at Kilili Baharini Resort & Spa in an evening by invitation, with the presence of an Italian chef from the Artusi Foundation.
But what made the international week of Italian cuisine in Malindi possible was the union of the most representative Italian restaurants in the town that responded to the appeal of the Embassy and Honorary Consulate of Malindi.
From Wednesday, November 27 to Sunday, December 1, each of these places that promote the best of the dishes of our house, will offer lunches, dinners, aperitifs and special tastings at equally attractive prices to offer a broad overview of Italian culture and gastronomic tradition, of which Malindi throughout East Africa is certainly the greatest representation.
Each restaurant will include in its menu at least one original recipe by Artusi and will propose a menu dedicated to him, choosing from the best of its menu, combining a musical event or an important gathering moment. All this for the pleasure of showing Italian excellence in Malindi especially to local tourists and other foreigners who attend and to make it a tourist resource for the destination.  
It will start on Wednesday 27th with the inauguration at the Jiko Restaurant of the Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort, while in the evening it will be the Tangier Lounge to propose a special menu and to continue the evening with an exceptional deejay that will propose an all tricolour playlist. The evening of Thursday 28th will see at Baby Marrow, as part of a dinner with many tasty surprises, the show "Spaghetti Chicken Salad" by Marco "Sbringo" Bigi with the intrusions of Freddie del Curatolo. Songs about food and drink, alternated with readings and irony.
On Friday 29th at lunch on the beach of Mayungu will be the cuisine of the Malaika Beach Restaurant to enhance with specialties of the Belpaese, while in the evening you will breathe the scent of Puglia with a dinner dedicated to the fascinating scenery of the Malindina. Saturday 30 for lunch a classy beach party at Billionaire on the theme "For this year do not change ... same beach same sea". Italian grill and music, with sunbed and beach service in the exclusive restaurant at the Marine Park. In the evening, as already mentioned, the event at Kilili Baharini while Sunday, November 1, the final day of the event includes the Italian Grand Buffet Osteria Beach, always with music and beach beds and in the evening the Italian belcanto live at the Olympia Club with the return of Salvatore Strano, "double" Claudio Villa and much more. During the days dedicated to Italian cuisine, the Bar Bar from sunset will offer a special Italian aperitif with wine, cocktails, cold cuts and cheeses at a special price and tastings of pizzas prepared with Italian flours.
Apart from the evenings of the events, in these days each local will have in their menu the dishes of Artusi, while the NGO Karibuni Onlus will make available with an ad hoc offer for the event chickens and eggs produced in its farm solidarity of Langobaya.
The invitation that is addressed to all fellow countrymen present in Malindi and its surroundings is to participate, to make them feel their belonging, which often abroad is free of preconceptions of all kinds and becomes a healthy pride, especially when you hold in your fist a fork and brand a glass. An opportunity to show who we are and what we have done well in all these years in Kenya and to reward those who believe that only union can make strength and that we can be a community, as happens in many other nations of the world among Italians.

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