Mal d'Afrique


Kenya, happy landing in the autumn of my life

Five months here and i feel born again

02-09-2016 by Amedeo

What could i still expect from life after a failed marriage? 
After seeing my two children to fly away happily to their lives, one in Australia to pursue a career as a construction engineer in Italy would have been impossible, and the other in England to do the bartender, waiting for an opportunity to open a place of her own.
Here I am, 61 years old, to dream of a different future than that age and concerns they would like to write on my skin and in my heart.
It 'took was a holiday, two weeks with a former colleague became my best friend, to understand that I had to take over my life for a while' time.
Kenya, nature, sea, palm trees. Happy people with nothing, no need of tinsel and material goods.
The chance to get in touch with the locals without promising anything that is not a day to be shared, a day when I have something to offer more of them, maybe one or two Euros, one hundred shillings to eat together a plate of rice and a bit 'of vegetables. My treat.
And behold, one morning on the large beach of Malindi, the thought enters the mind finally free from bias: why can not I extend this inner well-being throughout life?
So the two weeks became a month and month became three months.
Then the return to Italy and the decision. Now five months Kenya and I feel reborn. A new life that will certainly holds for me not only joyful surprises, but also some unexpected. But the beauty that I absorbed in those weeks has taught me that life is a living, while in Italy I was just passing the days waiting for something, or more likely to wither without realizing it.
Kenya maybe I'll try a bit 'of melancholy, sometimes. But never sadness, much less squalor.
Goodbye Italy, hello Malindi!
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