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Kenya is in the dream of international travellers

An american magazine says: savannah is at the top

11-01-2021 by Leni Frau

Kenya is one of the desires of travellers around the world for when they can once again travel safely and in an organised manner.
This is the data collected by the American magazine Travel Dreams, which compiled a special ranking of holiday dreams by travel enthusiasts and those who for months and months have been unable to move from their country, particularly from the United States.
"What's the first holiday you dream of taking once everything reopens?" was the first question posed to the magazine's readers in an emailed questionnaire.
"If you were offered a free holiday to repay the lockdown and restrictions you have been subjected to, where would you ask to go?" was the other question.
Among the travellers' dreams, Africa occupies second place, and the savannah of Kenya specifically the first among the preferences of the Continent. The Caribbean is the top destination, followed by Australia and the Pacific Islands.
The sense of freedom and uncontaminated places prevails in the choice of places, as other travel portals and enquiries for next summer also note.
But when it comes to daydreaming, without the problems of costs and dates, the wonders of Kenya, such as Maasai Mara and Samburu, Lake Turkana (together with Tanzania's Serengeti Park) take absolute first place in the "desiderata" of those thinking of their ideal holiday.
These are figures that in such a black period in which international tourism associations expect a full recovery of holiday-related activities by the end of 2023, and hope for at least a 50% restart next year, bode well at least for African destinations and Kenya, also on account of the lesser impact of Covid-19, compared to what could have been imagined.

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