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Driving licence to register online before new year

How to register and avoid remaking of the licence

07-12-2016 by redazione

By 31 December all Kenyan citizens and residents, and even foreign vacationers who have a driver's license Kenyan must register online on the website eCitizen. Otherwise the driving license will no longer be considered valid and will need to make a new driving test for regains its validity.
For those who have not yet registered, you must possess a valid Kenyan identification card (Alien Card, for residents or foreign residents).
Expired cards will not be accepted, and this is a problem already encountered in many residents.
Unfortunately the delivery time of the Alien Card from Nairobi often longer than expected, do not blame the Office for Immigration of Malindi.
To register and get all the necessary information is useful in Malindi Jusnet come to the office, to Malindi Complex. To ensure that your license has been already registered, you can send an SMS to 22846 by typing the "DL" message followed by a space and then your number of valid Alien Card.
You will receive a response NTSA that will tell you the status of your driver's license.
The NTSA decision arises as part of the fight against corruption and in this case the false licenses, which can increase the risk of road accidents.

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